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The Lake House

The Lake House is a 2006 American fantasy romance film written by David Auburn and directed by Alejandro Agresti. A remake of the South Korean motion picture Il Mare (2000), it stars Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, who last appeared together in the 1994 action thriller film Speed.[2] The film revolves around an architect (Reeves) living in 2004 and a doctor (Bullock) living in 2006 who meet via letters left in the mailbox of a lake house where they both lived at separate points in time. They carry on a two-year correspondence while remaining separated by the time difference.[3]

The Lake House

In 2006, Dr. Kate Forster is leaving a lake house that she has been renting near Chicago. Kate leaves a note in the mailbox asking the next tenant to forward her mail, adding that the paint-embedded pawprints on the path leading to the house were there when she arrived.

Two years earlier, architect Alex Wyler arrives at the lake house and finds Kate's letter in the mailbox. The house is neglected, with no sign of paw prints anywhere. During the subsequent restoration of the house, a dog runs through Alex's paint and leaves fresh paw prints where Kate said they would be. Baffled, Alex writes back, placing the letter in the mailbox, asking how Kate knew about the paw prints since the house was unoccupied until he arrived. The dog, Jack, then becomes owned by both Kate and Alex within their different places in time. On Valentine's Day 2006, Kate witnesses a traffic accident near Daley Plaza and tries to save the male victim unsuccessfully. She impulsively drives back to the lake house, finds Alex's letter, and writes back.

Rushing to the lake house, Kate frantically writes a letter telling Alex she loves him but begs him not to try to find her if he loves her back. Wait two years, she says, and come to the lake house instead. Meanwhile, in 2006, Alex has gone to Daley Plaza to look for Kate. He stands across the street from the plaza, and just as it seems he is about to cross, he reaches into his pocket to look at a note from Kate.

At the lake house, Kate drops to her knees sobbing, fearing that she has arrived too late to stop Alex. Not long afterwards, a truck pulls up. She walks forward smiling as the driver approaches. She and Alex kiss and walk toward the lake house.

Filmed and set in Chicago, production began in March 2005.[2] The lake house itself was built on what is called Maple Lake,[4] located within the Maple Lake Forest Preserve off of 95th Street in the southwest suburb of Chicago: Willow Springs.[5] The house was actually built on dry land and then flooded to appear that it was in the lake. After filming, the house was required to be removed, and a simple fishing dock was put in its place.[4] The downtown scenes are in The Loop. The scenes where Kate and Morgan go to Henry's office, and Kate's dramatic exit down the stairs, were filmed at the Chicago Architecture Foundation. The scene where Henry and Alex talk on the street after being in their father's office was filmed on the 400 block of South Michigan Ave, in front of the Fine Arts Building and the Auditorium Theater. The scene where Alex and Simon converse in Simon's home was filmed at the Prairie Avenue Bookshop, an architectural bookstore in Chicago which closed in 2009.[5] Other filming locations include Aurora, Illinois (now the Madison Park community) and Riverside, Illinois, a suburb west of Chicago that is known for its historic houses, and several Frank Lloyd Wright buildings.[6] The railway station in the movie is the real station of Riverside, and the bridge that Alex crosses while chasing Jack is called the "Swinging Bridge"; it crosses the Des Plaines River. The scene where Kate gets stood-up is in Millennium Park at the Park Grill. The bar scene in the Loop where Kate is seen sitting on the barstool, speaking with the woman at the wooden bar, is the real "Millers Pub" located at 134 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60603.

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Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves reunite to star in this romantic tale of two people who find a love strong enough to span the years separating the couple living in The Lake House. As lonely Dr. Kate Forster (Bullock--Crash) exchanges letters with architect Alex Wyler (Reeves--Matrix films), a correspondence grows into love, but the two realize that they are living in the same house two years apart. To be together, they must unravel the mystery behind their extraordinary romance--knowing that their quest may destroy the link that has allowed them to fall in love.

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In "The Lake House," it works like this. A woman (Sandra Bullock) lives in a glass house built on stilts over a lake north of Chicago. She is moving out and leaves a note for the next tenant (Keanu Reeves). He reads the note and sends a strange response to the address she supplies: He thinks she has the wrong house, because "no one has lived in this house for years." She writes back to disagree. It develops that he thinks it is 2004 and she thinks it is 2006, and perhaps she moved in after he left, instead of moving out before he arrived, although that wouldn't fit with -- but never mind.

This correspondence continues. They both leave their letters in the mailbox beside the sidewalk that leads to the bridge that leads to the glass house. The mailbox eventually gets into the act by raising and lowering its own little red flag. The two people come to love each other, and this process involves the movie's second impossibility. We hear them having voice-over conversations that are ostensibly based on the words in their letters, but unless these letters are one sentence long and are exchanged instantaneously (which would mean crossing time travel crossed with chat rooms), they could not possibly be conversational.

What a great addition to our lakeside dining. They updated the boat dock, added new play equipment for the kids, a dog yard and fire pits. A dockside hut coming for summer as well as a swim beach. The food has been on point. I can't wait to see what more CLH has in store for us as they grow.

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The Trianon Lake House Bar & Grill is located off the beaten path. This hot spot for lunch and dinner is popular among both locals and tourists. The restaurant offers the unique experience of an open air café. The gentle breeze, soothing music, and tropical ambiance will make it a memorable part of your day on the lake side. Located at the Trianon Bonita Bay Hotel in beautiful Bonita Springs, Florida.

Harbor One Marina carries a long line of history for Eagle Mountain locals. Our vision for The Lakehouse is to create a laid back, nostalgic space where friends & family can hang and enjoy excellent scratch food, ice cold drinks, and unbeatable views. Grab a seat at our "live edge" cedar wrap around bar or pull up a stool to the waterfront rail and catch the sunset. Watch the kids play a round of corn hole or shoot some pool while cheering on your favorite team. This place is made for you to relax, live the lake life, and make some memories with your people over a delicious meal. Stay local and Lake it easy.

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