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Ultra Street Fighter 4 Nude Mods

It's always super easy to find nude mods for lady characters, but I always like to challenge myself by trying to track down nude mods for the men. Unfortunately the mod gods were not generous. I managed to find one nude mod for Ryu and his clones, but apparently they're all growers and not showers. The body models are pretty much identical. The mod is also made by Segadordelinks

Ultra Street Fighter 4 Nude Mods

I love how high quality the nude mods for the women in this game are, but I'm so dissappointed in the quality of the mods (that are still available) for the men. Where's zangief with a 3 foot long 8 inch diameter russian hammer? Where's Bison's glowing dong? Nowhere. I haven't looked into the SFV modding scene much, but with how insanely sexy the men in that game are, I'm hoping for better.


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