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Car Parking Multiplayer PC'de Nasıl Oynanır? Adım Adım Kılavuz

Empirical evidence shows that disabling CPU core parking can make a tangible improvement in system performance. There are many factors that will determine precisely how effective it will be for a given situation. However, generally, Windows is too aggressive in its core parking, resulting in high latency during bursting CPU loads, stemming from the overhead of having to unpark CPU cores. Since bursting CPU loads are the most common type for many workloads, core parking can be a substantial drag on system performance and responsiveness.

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Both CPU core parking and frequency scaling are power saving features of modern CPUs. CPU core parking is when cores are put into a sleep-like state when demand is low. Similarly, CPU frequency scaling allows the CPU base frequency to be lowered, again to conserve energy.

ParkControl is normally used to disable core parking to achieve a performance boost, not enable it. Enabling core parking can cause performance problems with some CPUs, depending on how aggressive the parameters are. That said, yes, you can save energy by enabling core parking, but we recommend only doing that in select power plans, such as Power Saver.


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