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How to Download and Install rFactor Go Kart Mod

If you are a fan of kart racing and want to experience it in rFactor 2, you might be interested in the go kart mod that adds various karts and tracks to the game. In this article, we will show you how to download and install the go kart mod, as well as some tips and tricks to enjoy it.

What is the go kart mod?

The go kart mod is a collection of custom content that adds different types of karts and karting tracks to rFactor 2. The mod is based on the official KartSim content from Studio 397, but with some improvements and additions. The mod features:


  • 8 karts with different engine sizes and performance levels, ranging from 50cc to 125cc shifter karts.

  • 12 tracks from Europe and UK, including famous karting venues like PFI, Zuera, Wackersdorf, and Kristianstad.

  • New PBR shaders, sounds, physics, AI, and tyre models for the karts and tracks.

  • 3 tyre compounds for every kart: soft, medium, and hard.

The go kart mod is created by Cercata and SangreOne, with permission from Studio 397 and KartSim. You can find more information about the mod on the [RaceDepartment] and [Studio-397 Forum] pages.

How to download and install the go kart mod?

To download and install the go kart mod, you will need to have rFactor 2 installed on your PC. You will also need to purchase the KartSim Esports Pack and the KartSim European Track Pack from the [Steam Store], as they are required for the mod to work properly. The go kart mod is free to download from the RaceDepartment page. Here are the steps to install the mod:

  • Download the go kart mod from the RaceDepartment page. You will get a zip file named

  • Extract the zip file to your rFactor 2 installation folder. You should see a folder named GoKart inside your Packages folder.

  • Launch rFactor 2 and go to Content > Manage Mods. You should see a list of mods available for installation.

  • Select GoKart from the list and click Install. The mod will be installed in your game.

  • Restart rFactor 2 and enjoy the go kart mod!

How to play the go kart mod?

Once you have installed the go kart mod, you can play it in single-player or multiplayer mode. You can choose from 8 karts and 12 tracks in the vehicle and track selection menus. You can also customize your kart settings, such as tyre compound, fuel load, gear ratio, brake balance, etc. in the garage menu. Here are some tips and tricks to enjoy the go kart mod:

  • Karts are very sensitive to steering input, so use a low steering sensitivity setting in your controller options.

  • Karts have very little downforce, so be careful with braking and cornering. Use trail braking and throttle modulation to balance your kart.

  • Karts have different engine characteristics, so learn how to use them effectively. For example, shifter karts have a clutch pedal and a sequential gearbox that you can use to shift gears manually.

  • Karts have different tyre compounds that affect their grip and wear. Soft tyres have more grip but wear faster, while hard tyres have less grip but last longer. Choose your tyre compound according to your driving style and track conditions.

  • Karting tracks are very tight and twisty, so practice your lines and overtaking skills. Use the kerbs and apexes to optimize your lap times.

We hope this article has helped you to download and install the go kart mod for rFactor 2. Have fun with this realistic and fun kart racing simulation!


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