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Naruto Episode 133 [BETTER]

  • "The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant"edit自来也豪傑物語 (Jiraiya Gōketsu Monogatari)Episode dataPrevious"In Attendance, the Six Paths of Pain"EpisodeNaruto: Shippūden #133 (Watch Online)Next"Banquet Invitation"ArcTale of Jiraiya the GallantMangaNaruto Chapter #380, Naruto Chapter #381, Naruto Chapter #382, Naruto Chapter #383MusicOpening"Sign"Ending"It Was You"Air datesJapanese October 29, 2009English July 10, 2012DebutJutsuAsura Path

  • Banshō Ten'in

  • Barrier: Toad Gourd Prison

  • Deva Path

  • Flaming Arrow Warhead

  • Flaming Arrow of Amazing Ability

"The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant" (自来也豪傑物語, Jiraiya Gōketsu Monogatari) is episode 133 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Naruto Episode 133

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Atsushi Wakabayashi was the animation director of Yu Yu Hakusho and Midori no Makibao. He worked on the character designs of various works like Flame of Recca and Microman: The Small Giant. He debuted as an episode director on episode 7 of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2002). Lately, he has been working on the storyboards for Otogi Zoshi and Koi Kaze.

Towards the end of the episode Urashiki makes the bold claim that he can see into the future. At first, this seems entirely possible given the vast number of abilities he has. However, most of his abilities are directly connected to his dōjutsu, which he can swap between.

The episode was a treat for fans, who got to witness a lot more than they signed up for. With both Naruto and Sasuke about to get a major nerf in the upcoming episodes, today's episode instated hope in the next generation. 041b061a72


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