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Software Hack Xbox 360 [NEW]

[1]Free60 is the successor to the Xbox Linux Project that aims to put Linux, BSD, or Darwin on the Microsoft Xbox 360 using a software or hardware based "hack". The Xbox 360 uses hardware encryption and will not run unsigned code out of the box.

Software Hack Xbox 360

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The project's goals were met in March 2007, when shortly after the announcement of a critical software vulnerability[2] in the Xbox 360 Hypervisor a loader for Linux appeared, which allowed to run a Linux ported to the Xbox 360.

Since executable code on the Xbox 360 is digitally signed, and runs underneath a hypervisor, an exploit or hack is necessary in order to execute homebrew code. On the Xbox 360, the first exploit which enabled booting of unsigned code relied on a modified DVD-ROM drive firmware, a modified burned disc of the game King Kong (for Xbox 360), and the target console having either one of two vulnerable kernel revisions. Alternatively, a home-made cable may be used to dump and patch the bios with jumpers attached to the appropriate pin header on the motherboard of the console to patch the hypervisor and allows unsigned execution directly at boot, known as the "JTAG/SMC exploit", which was patched after June 2009 but replaced by "Reset Glitch Hack", in 2011, which is applicable on any kernel version on all but the latest revision of the Xbox 360 motherboard (most 360's produced from 2014 until end of production in 2015), one caveat is being a glitch and relies on timing, boot times may be unstable.[6]

With the original King Kong exploit, the console must launch the modified game which will utilize the software vulnerability to load a small chunk of code that is included on the disc. This code may either initialize the serial port to allow upload of further code to the console, or eject the drive tray and prepare the console to load further code from a specified point on optical media that is then placed in the drive. The latter method involves the readcd binary, made specifically for this cause. The code that readcd executes in this instance is known as XeLL, short for Xenon Linux Loader. XeLL captures CPU threads and launches the Linux kernel from either network (tftp) or optical media as its only purpose, providing a flat device tree for the kernel. In the cases of released 'Live CDs', the readcd binary would typically be included on the modified game disc, which would eject the drive, and a CD containing the XeLL binary as well as the complete Linux kernel and filesystem would be inserted.

On August 11, 2009 Microsoft released an Xbox 360 software update that overwrites the Second stage bootloader of the system. Any failure while updating this will break the Xbox 360 beyond repair. Statistics from other systems have shown that about one in a thousand bootloader updates went wrong and unless Microsoft has a novel solution to this problem, this puts tens of thousands of Xboxes at risk.

It seems that this update was issued to fix a vulnerability already known to the Free60 Project. This vulnerability has been successfully exploited to run arbitrary code, and a complete end user compatible hack has been in development for some time and is planned to be released on shortly. It will allow users to take back control of their Xboxes and run arbitrary code like homebrew applications or Linux right after turning on the console and without the need of a modchip, finally opening up the Xbox 360 to a level of hacking as the original Xbox.

Because of the danger of the update and the homebrew lockout, the Free60 Project advises all Xbox 360 users to not update their systems to the latest software version. The Free60 website will provide the latest information on this ongoing topic, including the final hack software.

"All that has been done is that they have figured out the file system, which is not much different than the original Xbox file system," Manzuik said. "I would consider it a game hack, not really an Xbox 360 hack. But (it is) the beginning steps of one."

In a text file describing the extracted data, Team PI Coder said that not much can be done with the files. "You can't run these dumps yet, but you will be able to sooner or later," it wrote in the note. "So the first task is done. We hope this encourages all hackers, coders and crackers out there to take up the challenge."

Microsoft wouldn't comment on the hacking work by Team PI Coder, but a company representative said the recently launched Xbox 360 is well-protected. "We have made improvements on both the hardware and software side to protect Xbox 360 against piracy and modding (modification of components)," the company said in a statement on Friday.

"With Xbox 360, we had the benefit of learning from our experiences on Xbox. This allowed us to identify points of weakness that were exploited by hackers in the first generation and to eliminate those vulnerabilities in Xbox 360," the Microsoft representative said.

The first-generation Xbox was a popular hacker target. Add-on chips for the console--so-called "mod chips"--let consumers play pirated discs and other applications on their consoles. In addition, some groups claimed they could run Linux on the Xbox. Such hacks have yet to surface for the Xbox 360.

If you want to hack your Xbox 360 and your dashboard version is over 7371 then the only way that you can hack it is with the reset glitch hack (RGH). When I started looking for a way to hack my 360 I heard about the jtag method only to find out that my dashboard was newer then 7371, but in early September a hardware exploit was developed know as the RGH. Basically what the RGH does is send a single to the processor that tells it to reset. Usually it would do exactly that however if the single is sent when it is booting up it allows us to run unsigned perform this RGH and utilize the exploit what you will need to do is read the NAND, install the modchip, write the NAND and installing your dash board of choice (i will be using xexmenu).To do this you will need:modchip (i will be using the coolrunner from team-xecuter)coolrunner LPT program cablemale LPT port (printer cable) (x1)wires (x12 this will be your LPT cable so make them long)computer with a female LPT porta program to read the NAND (i used nandprob 2 you can find it HERE)soldering ironsolderJtag tool (software)360gcprog (software)flux (not needed but HIGHLY recommended)***Disclaimer: I am not liable for any damage that may be caused to your property or self from following the instructions in this tutorial. Soldering irons can be very hot and cause burns, as well as possibly break your Xbox 360. Opening your xbox 360's shell will void its warranty. *** now then lets get started. first you need to completely take apart you 360 there are plenty of guides to do that so i wont cover it here. When the case is removed it should look like the picture. i highly suggest that you take off the metal case it sits in so that you can access the bottom of the motherboard.

to check what mother board you have to turn the 360 around and look where you plug in the power cable, then use the first picture to find out witch one looks like yours and what motherboard you are now ready to build a nand cable and dump your nandnote: no xenon or corona motherboards are hack-able yet and i've been told that zephyr xbox's have a very low success rate.

To read the NAND, which is basically the Boot Sector of the Xbox 360, you will need to solder cables to the motherboard in very specific spots. To find those points use the diagram in the first pictures, make sure you find it on the xbox, and flip the motherboard upside down making sure you can see the bottom of the points that you are going to solder to. I suggest flipping the motherboard upside down because the points are small bumps of solder removing any need to add external solder. I also put the resistor leg on the motherboard because they were easier to solder in to place.

if you have a slim skip this stepto make sure that your xbox is exploitable the you need to know the CB version.Check the number in the 2BL [CB] field. The CB needs to be one of the following to be exploitable.Zephyr: 4578, 4579Falcon and Opus: 5771Jasper: 6750, 6751If the CB is not one of the numbers above, the console is not covered in this guide. Since writing this an new exploit call RGH 2.0 has made all phat Xboxs hackable was been released, However I have not had any experience with it.

now download the correct .xsvf file for your xbox and open up the 360gcprog and follow the first image from top to bottom. the .xsvf files you flash onto the coolrunner tells it what kind of motherboard you have and then tells it the exact timing for the coolrunner to send the reset pulse to the processer.

remember those nand dumps we made at the beginning? well now it is time to use them to make something called freeboot. to make the freeboot file you need the cpu key from your xbox so open up jtag tool and follow the images.

ok so now that you have freeboot installed you can start up your xbox and if it boots then everything is good so you can unsolder the nand cable and pack up your xbox back in the case and put it where it would normally go, everything will be done with usb from now on. you need to get a usb stick and format it with the xbox. download the program i have uploaded and go HERE for the files for xex menu. open up the program you downloaded and follow the images.note: your xbox will not boot to xexmenu you will still have to go though the MS dashboard and launch it. although it is possible to make it so it will boot to it i am not including the instructions in this 'able.

plug the usb stick back into your xbox and go to demos. there should be one called xexmenu, just click play. from here you can play any homebrew apps you want or even full disk games like me. so just kick back and start enjoying your now fully hacked xbox 360 041b061a72


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