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Integral Calculus by Hari Kishan pdf

Integral calculus is a branch of mathematics that deals with the study of integrals, which are functions that measure the area under a curve, the volume of a solid, or the length of a curve. Integrals have many applications in physics, engineering, and other fields.

One of the popular textbooks on integral calculus is , published by Atlantic Publishers & Dist in 2005. This book covers the basic concepts and techniques of integration, such as integration by substitution, integration by parts, integration by trigonometrical substitutions, integration by partial fractions, and more. It also includes topics such as definite integrals, reduction formulae, beta and gamma functions, and applications of integration to areas, lengths, volumes, and surfaces.


The book is designed for students and teachers of mathematics, as well as for those who are preparing for various competitive examinations. It provides numerous well-graded solved examples, which are generally set in various university and competitive examinations. It also explains the elementary principles and fundamental concepts in a rigorous and clear manner, making the subject easy to understand.

The book is available in print format, but not in ebook format. However, there are some websites that offer a pdf version of the book for free download. One such website is , where you can find a link to download the pdf file of the book. However, downloading the pdf file may not be legal or ethical, as it may violate the copyright laws and the author's rights.

Therefore, it is advisable to buy the original print version of the book from a reputable bookstore or online retailer. Alternatively, you can borrow the book from a library or a friend who owns it. This way, you can enjoy reading the book and learning integral calculus without infringing on anyone's intellectual property.


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