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Radio Wolfsschanze Sendung 1 Downloadl

Radio Wolfsschanze Sendung 1 Downloadl: A Mysterious and Controversial Broadcast

Radio Wolfsschanze was a German radio station that operated from a secret bunker in the East Prussian forest during World War II. The station was named after the Wolf's Lair, the headquarters of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi high command. Radio Wolfsschanze broadcasted propaganda, music, and news to the German troops and civilians on the Eastern Front.

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One of the most intriguing and mysterious broadcasts of Radio Wolfsschanze was the first episode of a series called "Sendung 1". The broadcast aired on July 20, 1944, the same day as the failed assassination attempt on Hitler by a group of conspirators led by Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg. The broadcast featured a voice that claimed to be Hitler himself, addressing the German people and announcing that he had survived the attack. The voice also denounced the traitors and vowed to continue the war until victory.

However, many historians and experts have doubted the authenticity of the broadcast, arguing that it was not Hitler's voice, but a voice actor or a sound-alike. Some of the reasons for this skepticism are:

  • The broadcast was not live, but pre-recorded and edited.

  • The voice sounded different from Hitler's usual speeches, with a different tone, pitch, and accent.

  • The voice made some factual errors and inconsistencies, such as referring to Stauffenberg as a general instead of a colonel, and mentioning the names of some conspirators who were not yet identified or arrested.

  • The voice did not mention any details about the attack, such as the location, the time, or the method.

  • The voice did not express any emotion or anger, but sounded calm and composed.

Some of the possible explanations for the broadcast are:

  • The broadcast was a hoax, orchestrated by someone who wanted to create confusion and chaos among the Germans and their enemies.

  • The broadcast was a deception, orchestrated by someone who wanted to protect Hitler's image and morale, and to prevent any further attempts on his life.

  • The broadcast was a mistake, orchestrated by someone who did not have access to Hitler's real voice or speech, and had to improvise with whatever material they had.

The broadcast has been a subject of fascination and controversy for decades, and has spawned many theories and speculations. The original recording of the broadcast has been lost or destroyed, and only a few copies remain in existence. One of these copies can be downloaded from SoundCloud, where it has attracted thousands of listeners and comments. The download link is provided below:


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