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SCUM Supporter Pack Download Licence Keyl

The SCUM Supporter Pack is a bundle of extra goodies for the people who want to go another extra mile to support SCUM developer Gamepires. All items are purely for visual purpose and do not affect game play in any impactful way. More items will be added to the supporter pack as we progress through the Early Access period of SCUM. The SCUM Supporter Pack includes the following digital items:- Unique blue glowing BCU- SCUM developer undershirt- Exclusive skull tattoo. (Head, and left arm)- Mini Game Design Document. So you can see how SCUM was made from the beginning. - Templates for our orange and black t-shirts so you can print them out for yourself.- Mystery prison pocket item. How to claim it? You'll figure it out.UPDATE 1- Nice Watch (in-game watch)UPDATE 2- 2 inches in lengthUPDATE 3- Willy WarmerUPDATE 4- Whistling

SCUM Supporter Pack Download Licence Keyl




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