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PATCHED IBM Lotus SmartSuite Millennium 9.8.1 9.8.6 - All Languages

i do apologize to you brad & torsten, for this necessity. with intuit turbotax taking over for turbo tax 9. my starsoft 2007, i have tried to install the old version, but i could not get it to recognize the old version. i used the old cd to install the old version, but when it was time to change the tax year, it had no way to do so. i then downloaded and installed the old version, but when it was time to access turbo tax. it had no way of accessing the data.

PATCHED IBM Lotus SmartSuite Millennium 9.8.1 9.8.6 - All Languages


you are a saint to keep this site up and running! it's wonderful to know that there are some who still are not aware of what our nation is going through with the obama administration and how it feels to be under the boot of a fascist. it's a good feeling. i'm thinking of sending a e-mail out to all my friends and family on all the various social media sites to tell them that this is happening in america; just how it is. i'm hoping that my post will get out. i'm a wordle download? just a thumbnail. hope you don't mind.

it's great to come to this one for the day. it's really nice to say that i know what this stands for and why i came here. thanks for that and thanks to everyone who made it possible for me to come here. it's been a great day and i would not be around without all of the support i get from all of you out here.

win 10 has always been a disappointment. out of all the updates i have been running, i have only had to reinstall win 10. aos, data sense, and much more. not a single program crashes or needs updates! it just doesn't work that way in the real world for any type of system. this thing is awesome, and this is my first comment here, as i have only recently gotten my w10 box. i hope others see how very slow it is to install, and realize that win 10 can be nice, i just need to install a program that is designed to run on w10. until that happens, i will be using win 7.


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