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Sheanimale Dick Girl

Story: It was day eight through my journey in the Amazon rainforest, and all I can think about was finishing up myresearch and going home. I've already found out so many new things about this area, but nothing that excited me until I came across the tallest, hottest chick I've everseen! She was over 7 feet tall, with big tits to match, and a . . . cock? Holy shit, it was the biggest dick I've ever laid eyes on! She seemed so confused when she saw me, butshe was obviously attracted to me because soon enough, she was smothering me in between her soft breasts. Her rigid cock pushed me away from her body and wasoozing all kinds of jizz before she shot her load all over me! I was covered in her cum, and as I cleared the goop away from my eyes, I looked up to see two more equallybeautiful chicks with dicks loaded and ready to go. My adventure doesn't quite seem over yet!

sheanimale dick girl

He had a huge crush on a girl for a long time. So he decided to break the ice and give her some flowers. She was so impressed by his romantic gesture that she wanted to fuck him. So she took off her top and showed him her amazing titties. Then when she revealed her big dick, he was surprised to find out that she was a he. But he still had a crush on her so she sucked him off until he gave her a facial and then he bent over so his girl could fuck him. 041b061a72


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